Introduction of the Group

The Group is a leading mobile new media performance-based marketing technology company in China. With the rapid development of China’s mobile internet technology and business environment, mobile new media platforms, such as Tencent and ByteDance, have, on one hand, gathered extensive users and made overlong online time available, and on the other hand, fostered brand new scene of consumption based on the interests and potential demands of mobile internet users. The Group prospectively pays close attention to the change in business environment of mobile internet, and proactively practices the philosophy of “technology empowers marketing and performance achieves value (科技賦能營銷、效果成就價值)”. Through these efforts, the Group is committed to serving the vast mobile new media consumption market and mobile internet monetization area with leading marketing technological capability and platform-based professional service capability. Focusing on data and algorithms, we leverage coupled matching technologies based on interest recommendations to enable the e-commerce and interactive entertainment products to direct to consumer (“DTC”), and charge commission fees primarily on the basis of performance-based billing models such as cost per sale (“CPS”), and cost per action (“CPA”). In the meantime, the group is actively preparing to expand into the new media brand marketing market when appropriate, thus to provide more comprehensive and one-stop integrated marketing services for our marketing customers.


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