• 2008

    October 2008 • Establishment of Joy Spreader and launch business in digital marketing services

  • 2013

    June 2013 • Launched text-based we-media monetization services through SaaS services

  • 2014

    July 2014 • Launched the distribution and joint-operation of Html 5 mobile games

    November 2014 • Launched mobile-new-media performance-based marketing services

  • 2015

    June 2015 • Launched the distribution of mini-program publishing services

  • 2018

    December 2018 • Started the layout of 1P traffic within short video field

  • 2019

    January 2019 • Launched non-live streaming e-commerce monetization services under short-form video field

    May 2019 • Completed the national layout of the qualification of Online Culture Operating License

  • 2020

    September 2020 • Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code: 06988.HK. Both the International placing and public offering were highly oversubscribed, with 1,633 times of valid subscription application of public offering, and the subscription amount in the market exceeded HK$290 billion

  • 2021

    August 2021 • The Chinese name “樂享集團有限公司” has been adopted as the new dual foreign name of the Company to replace its existing Chinese name “樂享互動有限公司” and the English name of the Company has changed from “Joy Spreader Interactive Technology. Ltd” to “Joy Spreader Group Inc.”

    The English stock short name of the Company for trading in the Shares on the Stock Exchange will remain unchanged as “JOY SPREADER”, but the Chinese stock short name will be changed from “樂享互動” to “樂享集團”. The stock code of the Company on the Stock Exchange will remain unchanged as “6988”.

  • 2022

    In March 2022, the Group entered into the Investment Agreement with Poly Film, a subsidiary of state-owned cultural enterprise Poly Culture Group, successfully participate in the mixed-ownership reform of Poly Boyi Culture Media Corporation, the subsidiary of Poly Culture Group.