Demand Side Platform (“DSP”) Service: Product Profiling and Intelligent Account Selection
We provide demand side platform (“DSP”)’s intelligent account selection service to demanders of mobile new media traffic, i.e., the marketers. We transform the products of marketers into data and labels to form a product profile, and select the mobile new media marketing points mostly suitable for product distribution and release in the form of short lists selected by our model. Purchase, toping up or download and installation by the internet users through the marketing points help the marketers secure sales orders or new users. Marketers for DSP service primarily include (i) e-commerce operators who need to distribute its physical products; and (ii) companies who need to issue interactive entertainment and other digital products, such as game developers, online literature providers, app developers, etc.
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Applications and Other Digital Products 1
1 Other products mainly refer to the non-performance marketing activities provided to clients
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