Supply Side Platform (“SSP”) Service: Media Profiling and Intelligent Product Selection
We provide simple and easy-to-use SaaS tools to mobile new media traffic providers, i.e., content publishers, to help them get access to our business platforms for the supply side platform (“SSP”)’s intelligent product selection service. The automatic analysis of the characteristic attributes of published content, the anonymous users’ behaviors on contents (such as retweeting, liking, following, commenting, etc.) and the dynamic interaction relationship between the aforesaid characteristic attributes and anonymous users’ behaviors enable the production of data-oriented and labelled media profiling data. Leveraging the data and algorithm-based interest recommendation technologies, we recommend to mobile new media publishers the products that match media profiling in the form of short lists selected by our model and launch them at the marketing points (such as the shopwindow of Douyin and the manu bar of WeChat official accounts) available to internet users for purchase, toping up, or download and installation, thus generating revenue through cost per sale (CPS) or cost per action (CPA). The SSP mainly provides services to WeChat official accounts and video channels, and content publishers on Douyin platform, or guilds and MCN organizations.

The SSP service provides extensive distribution networks for the performance-based marketing services of the Group, and also helps us analyze the marketing performance simultaneously and provides technical support for data accumulation and algorithm iteration, thereby improving the cash conversion efficiency of our marketing points.
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